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According to the ratings, Montreal is ranked second best city in North America for restaurants — after San Francisco and before New York City. The boulangeries here are abundant, and many are exceptional. The cheeses you may find in a regular grocery store, are those you'll have to go to Zabars or Whole Foods in U.S. I won't even mention what cheese and how many of varieties you will find in special cheese stores — fromageries. Meat is sold in boucheries; for smoked, dried, and cured meats there are different, their own stores, called charcuteries. Guess what is sold in poissoniere? I thought they would sell poison (venom), turned out - poisson (fish), and both pronounced the same to me. The best of all — pâtisserie and chocolaterie. The wine is sold in special stores called SAQ, French wine is abundant and well-represented, yet the stores I saw so far are rather small and their vocabulary is hardly more than my French. Perhaps, there is more of them to see yet? Oh, guess what is „librairie”!? Wrong, that one is called bibliothèque, and librairie is a book store! After a day of promenade on Saint Laurant (reads: Sen Loran) and Duluth, scrutinizing the menus and specialty stores, Alexey saw something and then ruptured in lough, pointing to a wall. It's all about you, he said. This is what he saw on the wall:

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